Monday, June 21, 2010

Here's An Actual Socialist

Want to know a real live socialist? The Enquirer profiles one and you can get an idea of the extremism he represents, and as the article points out, President Obama isn't a Socialist.

If you ever read about Dan La Botz attacking OTR redevelopment efforts, take the fact that his motivation is politics, not anything else, when evaluating his message. Every position he takes will be against any type of capitalistic action, so even if there are efforts that will help people transition out of poverty, if it is not done on his terms, then I don't see him supporting it.

This type of thinking is rampant in the 'Homeless' activist community and keeps the problem worse than is should be. Many people, like La Botz, would rather keep people living in Washington Park instead of accepting good plans from the City or other local groups. They do that because they want Socialism to run the city and country, and need the weapon of poverty to make their case. Take away their weapons and their case against capitalism falls apart. Extremists like La Botz are little different than the nuts at COAST. They have a purist ideology, but no actual concept of how to govern.

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