Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Plan That Falls Short

I can give Tony Fischer credit for being the only candidate for office to put forth his own plan to save more police officer positions. His play sorely likes in details on how departments are going to cut 10% of non-payroll. Additionally, how does one transfer a whole function to the county without the county paying for it? The translation is that his plan wipes out building inspection in the city, it just will not happen, the county can't pick up the slack without funding, which it doesn't have. If Tony wanted to make the politically difficult choices, like his press release suggest, he might look to trim the fat in the police department. In case people forgot, we survived a riot with fewer police than we have now. The issue is not the number of police, is issue is how we deploy the forces we have.

Additionally, and most importantly, his numbers don't cover the full shortfall. There is another 413,000 needed to reach the level of filled full time positions needing to be cut to meet the 28 million dollar gap.This doesn't even consider if the non-payroll levels listed by Fischer are above and beyond other non-payroll cuts provided by City Managers Plan. Fischer has taken a step, but it falls short and is incomplete. He is trading FOP votes for building safety. I don't see that being a fair trade.

UPDATE: Councilmember Laketa Cole tears the Fischer plan into shreds.

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