Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lead By Cooperation, Not Conflict and Blame

I am fairly flabbergasted at the conservative members/candidates of/for city council, at least the one's I was able to follow on Twitter today during the Council meeting.  Honestly I don't know if they are playing ignorant on purpose or are so hot headed to make a mockery out of democratic governance.  Ghiz, Murray, Monzel, Cordrey et al are up in arms about the Mayor shutting down discussion on job cuts.  When the unions are making noises that might consider making more concessions in place of layoffs, why would any City official want to start taking about ideas that the unions could do during an open session?  Why not wait to hear what the Union has to say, or more importantly willing to say, behind closed doors. Then try and negotiate with the unions for a better solution than layoffs.  Getting one’s dander up and putting on a show for “the public” might get you more Westside votes, Leslie (who I single out as one who should know better), it will not reduce the number of layoffs in the police department. Instead, stop campaigning for a little while, and start leading by example through cooperation and team work WITH the Mayor and the rest of Council. Blame is a game used by those who when times are tough, lack the courage to get in the batter's box and take a swing, instead of trying to push the other team under the bus.

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