Sunday, June 21, 2009

GOP Candidate Profiled

The Hamilton County GOP's sacrificial lamb had a good profile in CitBeat this week. Brad Wenstrup has the Bio of the type of candidate the GOP should be running for Congress. He makes Schmidt and Chabot both appear like bizarre extremists who have one foot in the loony bin. Granted, that's not a hard thing to do, but he makes the contrast far clearer. Will they have the sense to run him for Congress after redistricting makes the 1st and 2nd less Conservative districts?

The base problem with Wenstrup now is he has the message and views of a mainstream Republican who talks big ideas but has no experience with what it takes to get anything done in a Democratic City, let alone having the best policies. If you want to know what his policies are, then reportedly will announce them in detail in July. He's anti-streetcar and seems to not really know what is going on Downtown. He seems to think Newport is some type of Mecca. That type of rhetoric is so old it I think pre-dates WLW's move from Mt. Adams to Kenwood. Which appears to be where Mr. Wenstrup gets much of his political mentality.

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