Monday, January 05, 2009

Local Politicians Move Into New Offices

Today marked some changes in Hamilton County offices. Wayne Coates was sworn in as County Recorder. Greg Hartmann began his term as County Commissioner. Judge Pat Dewine began his term as Common Pleas Court judge (occupying the seat formerly held by now-retired Judge Davis). (The term of Judge-Elect Jerry Metz, who defeated incumbent Judge Fred Nelson, does not begin until February 10.) And Patricia Clancy began her term as Clerk of Courts.

The most visible change of the switches (for now) is the new banner on the Clerk of Courts website. Here is the old Hartmann banner:And here is the new Clancy banner:This is far from a substantive criticism, and I'm sure Ms. Clancy will do an excellent job as Clerk, but the new, yellow-highlighted banner is a little grating on the eyes. My very non-scientific survey ("Do you like the new banner?") yielded a unanimous preference for Hartmann's red-and-blue color scheme. (If I remember correctly, the yellow-and-blue matches the colors Clancy used during her campaign. And perhaps the red-and-blue preference is just a sense of familiarity with Hartmann's banner.)

Nevertheless, as much as this is a difficult time for HamCo government, it should also be an exciting time, as the County sees some new faces (or at least some old faces in new places), and with it, hopefully, new ideas and energy. So welcome to the new office holders!!!

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