Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cranley's Out, Who's In?

Councilmember John Cranley is resigning his council seat after being elected to the office 4 times.

Speculation turns now to the pick for his replacement. Three names have been floated:Tony Fischer, Greg Harris, and Brian Garry. I'm not familiar with Fischer, so have no impression. Garry in my opinion has never been a qualified candidate for office. Harris is by far the best person to fill the slot and stands a great chance of being elected in the fall. He has already announced his candidacy and fits the city Democratic vision well. Are there other possible selections for the Democrats?

Additional speculation will be about Cranley running for Mayor. In the article it states Cranley is not done with politics. What other office would he run for? Will he wait it out and run for County Commission?

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