Friday, April 25, 2008

Something's Wrong Here

I have no problem with people debating the Street in a public forum. John Schneider is going to wipe the floor up with Chris Monzel. The only thing saving Chris is the fact that the Blue Chip Young Republicans are sponsoring the event and I am going to guess a large portion of that group is against Streetcars.

Here's what is wrong: This event about Streetcars in the City of Cincinnati is taking place in the City of Norwood. I understand how many non-city residents are concerned about this issue, but I am puzzled as to why and why there is so much opposition outside the City? Also, why is it so loud outside the City? Reading the comments on the Enquirer's site it was a surprise to realize that some many people from places like Harrison, Loveland, and Florence are so concerned about what happens in Cincinnati. I think they could show their concern a little more by coming down to the city for dinner once in a while.

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