Monday, April 07, 2008

Downtown Movie Discussion

Many folks on various different blog posts and comments have named a Movie Theater as one of the top businesses they would like to see added to Downtown Cincinnati. I love the idea of it, but I am unsure of what people are thinking about when they say movie theater. Do they want a 20 screen megaplex or do they want an art house like the Esquire. The effort and resources it takes to run the Esquire and the Mariemont are not something easily found in a entrepreneur. Finding a big corporation to put in the megaplex would be much more feasible, but would it be what is desired? Would it also work? From a supply stand point, is the supply and capacity of the AMC theaters in Newport enough to feed the demand from Downtown and OTR? How big of an increase in population would it take to justify a new megaplex atop of Macy's? Is that a factor?

Dealing with businesses that are not unique and don't draw from the entire Metro area is the bane of Downtown. Too much of society is focused on the corporate one size fits all big-box business model. How do we get companies who can sustain a business like a movie theater to accept the new Urban business model?

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