Friday, March 07, 2008


I'm tired of Derrick Beasley. And Steve Raleigh. And whoever the guy on Channel 12 is.

I understand the need for lots of coverage when some small town on the far edge of the viewing area has a three percent chance of experiencing a tornado. It doesn't make me happy (and I turn the channel), but I can at least appreciate the public service involved.

But why is this necessary for snow? It's snowing right now. That's going to be the story for the next several hours. There's no need to take cover. There won't be any siresns going off. The meteorologists add about as much to my knowledge of the weather situation as I could gain by sticking my head out a window. There's no public service in the continuous coverage. Do their ratings actually go up by covering the snow so much?

I like (in principle, at least) the closings tickers at the bottom of the TV screen. It's a good way to get the information out. But does anyone know why Channel 9 need TWO tickers? That drives me nuts.

Maybe what I need to do is walk my tired a-- across downtown and get some much needed beer at Bockfest.

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