Sunday, March 02, 2008

Local Republican Shakeup?

Kevin Osborne is reporting that HamCo Republican Chair George Vincent will resign in the next few weeks and be replaced by HamCo Common Pleas Judge Alex Triantafilou. If Kevin's got the story right (and he usually does), this would be a pretty big deal for local Republicans.

It's been my policy not to blog on stories arising from the HamCo Courthouse. As a lawyer who appears there on a near-daily basis, when I'm there, I just want to be viewed as any other member of the bar, not some quasi journalist/editorialist/whatever. And my criminal practice relies on maintaining cordial relationships with judges and prosecutors, so other than my typical non-court-related liberal rants, I don't want to create any unnecessary tension or hurt feelings. (That doesn't mean I'm afraid to hurt someone's feelings when I'm advocating on behalf of a client--the key word in the previous sentence is "unnecessary".)

I will say this, though: if the story is true, the courthouse's loss will be the Republican Party's gain. As a judge (both in his present position and during his previous tenure on the municipal court bench), Judge Triantafilou has garnered the respect of both prosecutors and the criminal defense bar, as well as civil litigators. If he applies the work ethic he's utilized on the bench to (what appears to be) his future job, it could mean real revitalization for the local Republican party, which has been struggling somewhat for direction these past few years. One has to wonder if Tim Burke would be any match for him.

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