Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Good Deal for Downtown

As reported by the Enquirer, FirstGroup (which owns Greyhound and Laidlaw) will keep its North American headquarters in Cincinnati, and will move from Centennial Plaza to the Center at 600 Vine (formerly "the Convergys Building"). It's a good thing for the 600 Vine building, which has been sadly, sadly empty for the past two years.

It also sounds like the kind of deal the City should be making with corporations to keep them around. Yes, FirstGroup gets a million dollars to cover the cost of their move (they should've called Two Men and a Truck, who probably could do it for less!), but the City will recoup that through payroll taxes on newly hired FirstGroup employees. And if FirstGroup doesn't hire as many people as it has promised it will, it has to repay the City itself.

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