Monday, December 17, 2007

Exchange Closed

Another Dance Club on Main has bit the dust. At this point it would seem it was closed, at least in part, to allow focus on the new and nicer Cue. I walked by Exchange on Saturday night at about 11PM and was surprised to see it closed up tight. I think that either this is going to be a slow year of change, or this is it for the Main Street Entertainment district. Right now, there are only three places open: Kaldi's, Courtyard, and Cue. Speakeasy and Mixx are supposed to open soon and I just don't see Rhino's ever open to really count. Is Ocho Rios open at all? I am lumping Below Zero into the Gateway Quarter area, which is warming up nicely, but needs the restaurants to open up. At this point, unless something really big happens, I don't see how MidPoint could happen on Main Street next year, at least not focused on the Main Street area.

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