Monday, July 02, 2007

Open Up the YP World

Joe Wessels latest Post column from Saturday delved deeper into the YP world and the problems with those involved. Joe liked my post from last weekend and referenced it in his column and the City Talk radio show from last weekend.

When I listened to the radio show I was floored when one of the guests, YPKC chair Candace Klein, had no idea about the disconnect between native Cincinnatians and the rest of "us". Unless you live in a vacuum, it is most clear that a large portion of those who grew up in Cincinnati don't do much to meet or interact with people who are new to town. Now, this is NOT EVERYONE! I know many native Cincinnatians who are my friends and who do go out of their way to meet new people. It is the type of problem that is very obvious and something I am surprised the YPKC leader either never noticed or is papering over.

One of the goals of YP groups, and especially the YPKC, is to attract more YP "types" to the City. If over half of the people who are in your age bracket just don't care enough to meet anyone outside of their high school or college friends, then how are we going to ultimately improve the YP climate?

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