Friday, July 20, 2007

Brinkman Called a Criminal

State Rep. Tom Brinkman Jr.(R) was chastised by Republican Judge Ruehlman for his culpability in the election fraud two women plead guilty to on Thursday. Brinkman and his CCV allies have faced harsh criticism for the false signatures submitted in an effort to remove the City Ordinance protecting Gay and Lesbians from discrimination. Here is what the Judge had to say about Brinkman:
“He’s the real criminal,” Ruehlman said. “What he did is terrible, almost defrauding. A layer of foundation of our democracy is voting and free elections. To cheat the voting system… he’s a state rep on top of that…”
Now, if for some strange reason Tom gets into the race for Congress, I expect to see the phrase "He’s the real criminal" repeated again and again and again.

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