Friday, June 22, 2007

POWR PAC Endorses 9

The Partnership of West Side Residents PAC published their picks for City Council. They are:

Chris Bortz
Melanie Bates

Jeff Berding,
John Cranley,
Laketa Cole
Cecil Thomas

John Eby
Leslie Ghiz
Chris Monzel.

Seven of the current incumbents were endorsed, only David Crowley was left out. No Sam Malone. Only one new Republican. What does this say about POWR PAC? Are they getting more moderate (with Mary Kuhl and Melva Gwynn in it, the racist vote has a "clear" voice), I think not. Instead I think this supports the contention that the 2005 election put one of the most conservative councils into office in a long time. Do the Democrats on this list face a revolt from the left? Obviously Berding has pissed away any support the "D" after his name gets him from the base, so he has to run to the Westside and Hyde Park for votes. Cranley actually looks better to the left after recent budget battles. Thomas is just too quiet for anyone's taste and Cole's Westwood Concern pandering still leaves a really bad stink on her.

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