Thursday, June 07, 2007

Council Candidates - the List

A candidate himself, Michael Earl Patton, has compiled a list of those who have picked up petitions to get on the ballot for Cincinnati City Council. The list, sorted by party endorsement, is as follows:

Brian Garry
Cecil Thomas
David Crowley
Greg Harris
Jeff Berding
John Cranley
Laketa Cole
Minnette Cooper
Wendell Young

Andre Harper
Charlie Winburn
Chris Monzel
John Eby
Leslie Ghiz
Patrick F. Fischer
Sam Malone

Charter Committee:
Chris Bortz
Joan Kaup
Malanie Bates

The Rest:
Christopher Davis
Curtis Wells
Dadrin Washington
Eric Wolterman
Kellley Cowdrey
Malik Showes
Michael Earl Patton
Mitch Painter
Paul Makin
Robert J. Wilking
Ron Stallworth
Sean Holbrook
Sean Lackey
Steven Pavelish
Yvette Barbara Baldwin

How many will actually make it to the ballot? Are there others missing from the list? I know of a few of the Independents, but not many.

Please note that I grouped the candidates by party endorsement, not affiliation.

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