Thursday, August 03, 2017

Enquirer's Jason Williams Carries Cranley's Water, Again

The Enquirer's sometimes reporter sometimes columnist Jason Williams wrote another column yesterday and not surprisingly the it touts a Cranley political attack. This column is very pro-Cranley and paints him with an altruistic brush, one crafted by Cranley supporter. Williams has been carrying Cranley's water for years and shows no signs of letting up.  His value as a journalist is weakened every time he does what Cranely or his staff wants.  Show truth, don't just spew one side's argument.

If one wanted to read an article with more value, one would do better by reading the Cincinnati Business Courier's Chris Wetterich in his article covering the same topic as Cranley's grandstanding on attending meetings. What you get from Wetterich is another side of the story, from Charlie Winburn. The lame duck Republican member of council pushes back hard on Cranley's grandstanding. Winburn should know about that too, he's a known expert at grandstanding.  This is the type of journalism we need on a local level, more detailed and less stained with the fingerprints of the staff of one of subjects of the article.

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