Wednesday, March 01, 2017

25th Annual Bockfest Starts This Friday March 3rd

At what some call the real drinker's Oktoberfest, March 3rd starts the 25th Annual Bockfest in Cincinnati. The parade starts off as usual at 6PM on Friday night.

For those new, my suggestion to watch the parade would be along Main Street North of 12th or 13th streets. There are several bars that won't be so crowded. But, if you want the full Bockfest experience, you need to be up at Bockfest Hall and/or Arnold's (where the parade starts).

A couple of hints: Eat a big lunch and eat a dinner. They have food there. Just remember, you need to eat. Bock beer drinks like a normal beer, but is higher in alcohol content, so it can hit you when you don't expect it.

Remember to plan ahead. The streetcar still works well if you get off a the Race/Liberty station, so park downtown at the banks and ride up.

OR be smart and take the METRO/TANK to downtown and Streetcar up. If you stay really late then you can cab/Uber/Lyft your way home, just plan ahead and keep your cell phone charged. What ever your transportation plans, Do not drink and drive!

More from the Enquirer, WNKU.

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