Monday, February 03, 2014

How Will Cranley Pay for the 5 Million Dollars a Year?

The Enquirer buries the lead in their 'exclusive' press release from the Mayor's Office that calls for adding more cops to the tune of 5 Million dollars per year, including benefits. The one million dollars is additional up front money, but the long term cost is huge and the Mayor should not be trying to mislead the public with false numbers.

The first and last question that needs to be ask of Cranley by the rest of the media who are not in the bag for the Mayor (Enquirer), should be asking is HOW WILL CRANLEY PAY FOR THIS?

A simple question that will neither have an detailed nor sound answer. By sound, I mean one that that add up, not one based on Cranley math.

The other questions that could asked: Why can't the same programs be achieved with restructuring of the existing force? How many long term police officers are going to retire and put us back at the same level?  How much input did the FOP have on this?  Will the city seek changes to the FOP's contract to help assure that any police officer hired who fails at their job can be fired?


  1. Cranley has created a fake crisis (skyrocketing crime!) so that he can spend more money on police and cut other stuff he doesn't like (Planning Department, Office of Environmental Quality, parks, etc.). Cincinnati already has more cops per capita than many of our peer cities. It the local media dumb enough for fall for his tricks, or will they call him out on it?

  2. He'll probably pay for it with all the revenue and increased taxes that $150 million streetcar you wanted so bad will bring in... lol. Watching you try and act concerned about the city's finances is hysterical.


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