Thursday, January 02, 2014

Cranley is Sucking in the Seventies

Quimbob over at Blogging Isn't Cool is pondering if Mayor John Cranley is stuck living in the 1970's based on what he chose to offer up in return to a bet from the San Diego Mayor on the Bengals-Chargers playoff game this Sunday.

Cranley rolled out the old Gold Star/Montgomery Inn Ribs/Graeter's rubicon.

Quimbob wonders why Cranley didn't match the San Diego Craft beer offer with Cincinnati Craft beers in return. After all, this bet was reported to have been made at his own personal expense, so why not offer up something with a little more oomph and more of a developing industry in the area? An industry that could use some more attention outside of Cincinnati that only a Mayor could give at very little expense.

There is nothing wrong promoting Gold Star/Montgomery Inn Ribs/Graeter's, they are solid business here in Cincinnati, but they represent the past. The past is all Cranley seems to know, and it's a selective knowledge at best.


  1. Does anyone prefer Gold Star to Skyline?

  2. This is a prime example of John Cranley's out-of-touch vision for the City of Cincinnati.

    He's a sad, sad representative of what our city is and can be.

  3. If you're looking for things by which outsiders will recognize Cincinnati, Graeter's ice cream and Cincinnati chili are probably fair picks. I'm convinced that the idea that anyone outside of Cincinnati thinks of Cincinnati and envisions Montgomery Inn is a myth propagated by that restaurant for marketing purposes. But you're right that beer (probably Christian Moerlein) would have been a good pick, as well.

    And I hope that Graeter's doesn't "represent the past": it's still a good ice cream if you can't find Aglamesis.


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