Sunday, December 01, 2013

Cranley is Delusional on Political Situation

John Cranley appears to think there are only a handful of neighborhoods that count in Cincinnati. WCPO reported the following:
"Streetcar supporters have criticized Cranley for saying Cincinnati is more politically united than ever before.

But the mayor defended his comments. “Look at Bond Hill, look at Mount Washington, look at Price Hill, Mount Lookout, Hyde Park,” Cranley said. “In all the council races I was in, those neighborhoods didn’t agree on who should be mayor. This year, all of those neighborhoods were united together – not only in electing me but in electing a majority of council."
So, four solid Republican neighborhoods and Smitherman/Winburn's core neighborhood constitute Cranley's world of what matters to him, at least politically. Every place else doesn't rate in his mind and are all that matters to his sense of 'unity.'

Cranley needs to know that in Ward Seven, which includes Bond Hill, Flynn and Murry finished 17th and 18th place respectively and Malone and White finished in the top nine.  How is that unified with the rest Republican strongholds he cherished?

Cranley's dug himself a big hole and I fear he will think he's dug himself out, but really will be in a Smithermanesque alternate universe, one where truth isn't important. We don't live in Bizarro Cincinnati, we live in the real Cincinnati. Cranley needs to find the reality based Cincinnati or he will find the job of being Mayor even more difficult than it already is.



    If rattling off a few more neighborhoods would deliver you satisfaction (my guess is that in all likelihood it wouldn't) there are certainly plenty, as the above map shows. While we're on the topic, maybe you'd like to consider that the only neighborhoods that really went for Qualls were Downtown, OTR, Clifton and Northside. The latter three are all pretty similar demographically--young, white, liberal-- whereas everyone else seemingly backed John Cranley. Exactly who is being delusional here?

  2. You appear to be missing the point of the post: Cranley is delusional because he thinks he has unifed the city. He hasn't. Sure he won. The GOP voted in block for him, Smiterman votesrs came out, lots of people who don't ever want to pay for parking came out to vote and few others voted.

    Since I posted this Cranley has done little else but devide those on council and the rest of the city. My suggestion to you is to read what I wrote, maybe for the first time, then rethink you irrelevant comment. If you want to try and prove that people I'm this city are unifed around Cranely, then you might want I stop Bogarting the good stuff you are smoking.


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