Wednesday, October 09, 2013

COAST Endorsed John Cranley For Mayor, No Question Mark Needed

The biggest game John Cranley and COAST have been playing during the campaign is akin to a couple of people who work together and are having an affair. They have great praise for each other and do everything they can to help each other, but if asked, NO, they are not dating! Well, yesterday COAST came as close as anyone needs to hear to know that they are datingendorsed John Cranley For Mayor.

The worst kept secret of this Mayoral campaign is that John Cranley is the candidate of the Republicans and the Tea Party. Cranley has a long tradition of getting backing from Republicans and he is the 'wink candidate' for the Right Wing. The Hamilton County GOP knows that the Republican endorsement will hurt with the Smitherman vote, the third and unpredictable leg of Cranley's trilateral hope to win. So they wink at him, letting the Republicans in the City know who to vote for, but avoiding giving the media the means even an editor can't deny to label Cranley the Republican candidate and thus hurting his chances to get elected.

John Cranley's hopes for winning are based on deception, ignorance and Republican money. That's the kind of character who creates a public revenue source and then joins a private company to take advantage of that public money to finance a private development. Yeah, we call that a shady character.


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  2. Why can't these misrepresentations be exposed by the local media? What will it take to convince the local media that these misrepresentations are truly newsworthy so that the public can be informed?

  3. the question is does this really change anything? i doubt it...i don't think there are people that had planned to vote for Cranley but now will choose not to because of a COAST non-endorsement endorsement

    also, i have to say i have been quite surprised by some Cranley supporters..i know some liberals that are all for the guy..this is just anecdotal evidence and a small sample size but still i found it surprising...if he can turn just a few dems i think he wins this thing because he will win the gop vote in a big way

  4. Were those liberals part of the anti-3cdc Crowd by chance?

    1. I am not certain..but that is a possibility. They are not street car supporters so that could be a factor.

      I think Cranley will do quite well with westside opinion.


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