Wednesday, August 21, 2013

If You Can't Run a Meeting, How Could You Possibly Run a City?

That is a question everyone should be asking mayoral candidate John Cranley after watching this video below from 2001 when he was a member of Cincinnati City Council and was the Chairman of the Law and Public Safety Committee.


  1. I expected to see something that was an indictment of Cranley but instead I saw a reasonable and prudent person facing down an angry mob just about as best as he could. What do you expect he should have done? Is it his fault the mic's stopped working too? I get that you don't like the guy but you are not going about it in a rational way. At this rate you may come unhinged if he wins - and I believe there is a good shot that he does. From what I have seen so far he wants it more than Qualls and is working harder than her. Though it is still quite early in the race.

  2. Josh,

    A leader would have dealt with that crowd. He did not and does not have the skills to lead in a tough situation. He let the meeting get out of hand and along Luken and the police chief, made it worse.

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