Friday, June 14, 2013

Cranley Lied at Forum (Gambling! I'm Shocked!)

I am sure it is not a surprise to anyone that Mayoral Candidate John Cranley lied at yesterday's candidate forum, but just in case here's the Enquirer account of his lie:
"Streetcar: Cranley would kill it, says money could be spent on neighborhoods;"
Here is the Business Courier's version of the Cranley lie:
Money for the streetcar is being siphoned away from neighborhoods, Cranley said.
As Cranley knows, the funds beings used for building the Streetcar can't just be spent any pet project he wants. He also knows that the funds to build the streetcar come from grants outside the city budget. This is a whopper of we call Pandering. This one is worse, because it is a lie and John knows it. I guess lying to the public is something he finds normal for a politician.

Reason #341 Cranley is not a good candidate for Mayor.

In other news in the article, there is apparently a fourth candidate for Mayor, Stacy Smith? Based on the article, she didn't come across as credible. That and she reportedly is a Republican. Few thing are more entertaining together in the world of politics.


  1. Correct me if I'm mistaken but when Cranley said the city was taking those funds from the neighborhoods, according to the Business Courier's column, I believe he was talking about the 17 million the council is voting on for cost overruns. An issue they could debate, to be sure, but calling that a lie is not accurate either.

  2. Carl,

    Cranley was not quoted as saying that. His prior rhetoric establishes that he wants the ignorant and under-informed to think that the Streetcar funding could magically be spent on some unnamed supernaturally based project to make West Side Republicans flock back to the city to vote for him, thus saving the City from the liberal hoards that believe cities should be cities and not suburban stripmall factories.

  3. It's like saying you want your state withholding to go to FICA instead of Ohio. It's impossible. Yet The Enquirer and talk radio allow the obstructionists not just to thrive in Cincinnati, but to operate as a shadow government.


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