Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Republican Sam Malone Fails to Appear in Court

What is the first thing you should do when you are running for public office? Answer: Follow the law. Republican Sam Malone, who is reportedly running for Cincinnati City Council, failed to pay a speeding ticket and then failed to appear in court as directed. A judge had to then issue a warrant for his arrest. Malone was able to avoid arrest by simply paying fine, which was higher due to Malone's carelessness.

This guy is being backed by Republicans. They still want him to be elected. How can anyone trust the guy when he can't even pay his speeding tickets on time to sit on Council?

Another question: Why are the Republicans scraping the bottom of the barrel They only can find four candidates and Malone is one?  Mike Allen is considered worse than Malone?


  1. Are republicans backing Sam Malone? I can't even find a website that says he is running let alone that he has any kind of financial support from the GOP. Does Mike Allen get any support from the party apparatus?

  2. The HCRP lists a May fundraiser for Malone on their calendar.

  3. if your readers pay the $150 ticket for you to go will you liveblog it for us? ha


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