Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cincinnati Parking Plan Analysis

Former Ohio House candidate Luke Brockmeier has a thorough analysis of the Cincinnati Parking Plan issued by the City Manager.

I agree with his take. If the assumptions are correct, it is a more positive than negative plan. It is not all roses for everyone affected, but it helps the city.

It is sad seeing John Cranley misrepresent the plan, but that is what can be expected from a hack politician like Cranely, who cares more about getting votes than actually governing the city.

Cranley suffers from suburbanite syndrome where he things all parking (at strips malls) should be free.

What a sad candidate. A visonless candidate who seems to not understand that he lives in a major city, not some bland suburban community that is based on conformity, not innovation.


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  2. It's worse than you think. Cranely doesn't even care about getting votes. He, and his supports, know he can't win. His big funders are only in it to see how much damage they can inflict on Cincinnati through this process. They have no expectation of winning and Cranely knows he'll never have to take responsibility for anything he says. This gives him all the more reason to say ridiculous things.


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