Saturday, January 05, 2013

Trees Cut Down In Yeatman's Cove

An entire grove if trees was cut down recently in Yeatman's Cove near the Purple People Bridge.

I would guess they may have been diseased, but no information was available at the park.

New trees are on site to presumably replace those cut down.


  1. I posted a similar photo that we took on the Cincinnati Parks Facebook page and got this reply:

    Cincinnati Parks wrote: "The Cherry Trees in the Grove at Sawyer Point/Yeatman's Cove were past their life span of twenty years and were dying. In order to keep formality, the trees are being replaced with slightly mature Cherry Trees. The project is scheduled to be completed by Spring of 2013."

  2. They didn't look dead to me.

  3. They only ever look as dead as the city council wants them to be. They're clearly removing it from the park to make room for just, well; more business. Disgusting...

    -Samudaworth Tree Service
    Tree Removal Brooklyn


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