Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Charter School Problems

Ethics questions plague VLT Academy. I am glad the state is doing some auditing of these schools, but why isn't anyone questioning how the Daughter of the school's Superintendent earns $85,000 in the School years, on top of the questionable $17,000 contract for the Summer. When I state 'anyone' I mean public officials.

Public schools get raked over the coals by Republicans, but I don't hear Charlie Winburn, Steve Chabot, or Brad Wenstrup asking for more audits of this Charter school.

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  1. This is my only issue with you Griff - sometimes you toe the Dem party line a bit too much. Certainly there are some charter schools with problems but it is hardly fair to pick the worst of the bunch (the only one with a negative audit in the region) to prove a point vis a vis Repubs. It is just as easy for someone to say Dems oppose charters schools for one reason only -so as not to upset their organized labor constituency. The evidence shows that well run charters can be extremely beneficial for students.


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