Friday, June 29, 2012

Chabot Wants the City of Cincinnati To Fail

U.S. House member Steve Chabot has done nothing to improve the City of Cincinnati while in federal office. It is clear why. Chabot wants the city to fail.

No, that's not over the top. No, it's not just because he's against the Streetcar. He purposely by-passed due process and slipped in an amendment to a bill that specifically PUNISHES the people of Cincinnati, a large portion of which he is alleged supposed to represent in the US. House of Representatives. This was a personal/political action, not a policy action.  He could have reached out to the people in his community, his constituents, and engage us on this issue.  He could have held a meeting to hear why the Streetcar will help.  Instead he did the political thing.  He did what Republican political activists want to do, hurt the city and make the Mayor and the Democrats on city Council look bad.

Cincinnati was punished for being two things: Urban and Democratic. We don't subscribe to Chabot's brand of lifestyle that wants to mold the country into three types of places: Small Towns, Rural Areas, and Exurbs (suburbs). Cities, in Chabot's mind, must die.

Cars are still king and roads must feed them and that's Steve's mantra. Public Transportation is a city thing, so it's from the devil. (Not to mention it gives the poor a chance to visit his neighborhood.)

Chabot's action was so wrong I really feel like screaming at him. I won't, but when people act without honor, class, or common decency it is difficult to be civil to them.  Chabot's actions were sleazy. He went after us. Those of us who live in the city and those of us who believe that Urbanism is the future of society (our only hope to survive) and those who view public transportation as a vital way to help save the planet. He intentionally tried to hurt people's futures.  He wants the urban core to fail, so we'll all move to the burbs. There is no middle ground to try and position this act.  Chabot's despicable amendment is a declaration taking a cold war of Republicans against the City, to a hot war.

Please note who started the war.


  1. Well put. Chabot and the reactionary conservatives who hold him in esteem are pathological in their fear and loathing of public transportation.

  2. If you watch how he changes over time, he is a populist through and through.

  3. Did it occur to any of you that the Streetcar is simply a massive waste of money -- 100% tax money -- that will fail. Congressman Chabot, being the hero that he is, is simply trying to save the taxpayers this burden.

    So, we would ask that you lower the temperature on this debate, and just leave open the slightest possibility that the project will be a fiasco, and Congressman Chabot is doing what he thinks is right, by opposing the wasteful spending.


  4. It is grandstanding on an appropriations bill. So Steve will have to insert it in there every year, if by some miracle it makes it to the pres and doesn't get veto'd because him and LaHood are politically invested in the streetcar. You can see an explanation here.
    In a month no one will remember this or care.

    See you all on the streetcar!

  5. It is grandstanding but it IS annoying. And in so many ways out of touch!

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