Monday, March 05, 2012

Luke Brockmeier Is the Only Choice for the 31st District

This Tuesday there is only one choice for the Democrats in the New 31st Ohio House district and that is Luke Brockmeier.  I fully support Luke Brockmeier and here is a short list of the countless reasons to vote for him in the Democratic Primary on March 6th.

  1. Luke Brockmeier is the Future of the Democratic Party. 
  2. Luke stands with the full Democratic platform..
  3. Luke is from the grassroots of the Democratic Party.  He is not part of the power structure of the party.
  4. Luke is not part of a local political dynasty that has strayed out of its region of influence.
  5. Luke does not take big corporate money and won't be endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce.
  6. Luke is the ONLY PRO-CHOICE CANDIDATE in the race.
  7. Luke supports no-co-pay coverage for birth control.

The New 31st is a progressive district and needs a Progressive Force to represent it in Columbus. Please vote for Luke Brockmeier tomorrow.

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