Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lack of Ethics Starts With Smitherman

Why couldn't COAST pay for an ethics lesson for Chris Smitherman himself? That would do hopefully do the most good, as long as COAST is not conducting the ethics lesson, since they don't have any. This would be a great alternative to Smitherman's motion he submitted to council requiring training sessions for council members and their staff, something the City already does. Smitherman needs a lesson in ethics. Some of things he should learn:
  • Don't threaten to have your non-city-employee lawyer sue the city because council didn't vote your way.
  • Don't even consider frivolous lawsuits that are more about getting legal work for your anti-city lawyer than a valid legal issue.
  • Don't go on the Radio and falsely claim a member city council works for the CIA.
  • Don't claim that a reason to vote for a position on the waterworks ballot issue would be to prevent the government from lacing the water of black residents with drugs.
  • Don't make up numbers about how much the Streetcar plan will cost.
  • Don't lie to the public when you claim Streetcar funds could be used to avoid police or fire layoffs.
Those are just the start of the many thinks Smitherman could learn. They are mostly just common sense, but a bright examples of what not to do. I really hope Smitherman can learn from these examples.

Hat Tip to Quimbob


  1. then, of course, there's this gem:
    What's bad is that Curp already had something planned for ethics training, presumably because of all the new faces on council, & Smitherman just went off, shooting from the hip.
    It's not rocket science.....

  2. Amen! Plus you might add something about Slitherman's conflict of interest by acting as both council person and NAACP President at the same time.

  3. Correction: Smitherman claimed the water would be tainted with Syphillis, not "drugs", as I recall


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