Monday, December 19, 2011

OccupytheLeftists Why Don't Ya?

If you are going to be a Leftist political movement, then just be a leftist political movement!  OccupyCincy shouldn't be picking the most leftist idea and pushing it as if they represent a belief shared by "99%" of the country.  I'm over it.  I had sympathy for the concept, but now it's just a front, and I'm not just talking the People's Front of Judea, I am downright talking the Judean People's Front.

And in other news, the Parks Board members are idiots.


  1. I agree 100%, the indefinite detention of American citizens at the whim of the President is such a far left concept that they've really shot themselves in the foot here...

  2. Why not protest to repeal DOMA. Why not protest to demand an extetntion of payroll tax cut? Why not protest for religious freedom?

    Why don't they pick a limited set of issues that appeal to the 99% and are material and stick to them.

    Principled fights are noble, but in the end they don't affect much unless the principle affects most of directly.


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