Friday, July 01, 2011

Was Mecklenborg With a Stripper?

Court documents reportedly show that Republican State Representative Robert Mecklenborg was arrested for operating a vehicle while impaired with a woman, not his wife, in the car. Another report names her as Tiona Roberts. Multiple news outlets are trying to confirm what can best be considered a "rumor" at this point that she works at a Lawrenceberg, IN strip club called Concepts Showgirls.

The Enquirer also has a new story, and mentions the woman in the car.  They asked Mecklenborg who the woman was and why she was in the car, but he would not answer the question.

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  1. The Fishwrap is, of course, protecting Mecklenborg by not stating that the woman is a 26 year old stripper, and that Mecklenborg is charged with endangering hr life. Nor are they allowing comments (if Mecklenborg was a Dem they would have had comments open). Mecklenborg also had Viagra in his system:

    "Ohio State Representive Robert Mecklenborg(59)- The Republican was arrested back in April of this year for driving under the influence.At the time of arrest Mecklenberg was in the company of Tiona Roberts(26) an exotic dancer from Concepts Show Girls Club.Mecklenberg was tested and alcohol and Viagra was found in his system"

    Yet another Family Values GOPig hypocrite! Where are the calls for Mecklenborg's resignation from the GOP??


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