Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MidPoint Picks - Imports

I spent quite a bit of time listening to all of the MySpace/Facebook samples for this year's MidPoint line up and I've got my listing of artists I am going to try and see. No, I will not get to see all of these. I purposely skipped the Southgate House, not because the acts over there are not good, they are, I am just going to stick with OTR/Downtown venues for convenience. I also left off local bands. I usually don't go to MidPoint to see local bands, but I hope that doesn't stop others from going to out see them. Since I tend to not see full sets in order to see as much as I can, I'll catch other bands, especially local ones, that's just how MidPoint rolls. I also left off a few of the bigger acts, I figure you don't need me to tell you to go where the crowds are really big, if you want to see the popular bands.

Some groups will be great, some good, some will have off nights, and some just will not sound like their sample tracks. The most important thing everyone going to MidPoint should remember: have fun! The second thing they should remember: applaud the hard work of these musicians and make them feel welcome in Cincinnati.

So Here are my takes by day in order of appearance:

Male Bonding Grammer’s 8:30 PM Dalston, United Kingdom
Karate Coyote Mainstay Rock Bar 10:30 PM Columbus, OH
Van Dyke Parks Blue Wisp Jazz Club 10:30 PM Pasadena, CA
Shonen Knife Contemporary Arts Center 11:00 PM Osaka, Japan
Astro Fang Courtyard Café 11:15 PM Dayton, OH
Holy F*ck Cincinnati Club 11:30 PM Toronto, Canada
Loto Ball Show Main Event 11:30 PM Chicago, IL
Caribou Grammer’s 9:30 PM Dundas, Canada
Aaron Daniel Segway Room 10:30 PM Seattle, WA
The Front Bottoms Below Zero Lounge 10:30 PM Bergen County, NJ
Royal Bangs Know Theatre 11:30 PM Knoxville, TN
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir Main Event 12:30 AM Chicago, IL
+/- ArtWorks 8:00 PM Brooklyn, NY
Caravan of Thieves Grammer’s 8:30 PM Bridgeport, CT
Natural Child Main Event 10:30 PM Nashville, TN
Love in October ArtWorks 11:00 PM Chicago, IL
Phantogram Know Theatre 11:30 PMSaratoga Springs, NY
Cults MOTR Pub 12:00 AM New York, NY
Kinetic Stereokids FB’s 12:00 AM Flint, MI
River City Extension Arnold's Bar & Grill 12:15 AM Toms River, NJ

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