Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Live-Blogging Results

I'm in the office late tonight, so I'll be live-blogging election results as they're available from the BOE. I will continue to update this post as the night goes on; feel free to use this as a comment thread, as well.

8:10 PM: HamCo BOE has released some results. 0 precincts reporting, but constitutes 6% of registered voters. Must be absentees.
  • Issue 9: losing, 51.72-48.25. Too close to call.
  • Issue 8: Passing, 65-35.
  • Mayor: Wenstrup and Mallory in a dead heat.
  • Council: VERY early results: Harris losing, all other incumbents winning, plus Winburn and Quinlivan.
10:25: Still holding at about 10% of precincts city-wide, 5% county-wide.
  • Mayor: Mallory, 56-43. Expect this lead to grow through the night.
  • Council: Harris is first out, but only by .01%. Cole is in ninth. Winburn and Quinlivan in 7th and 8th, respectively. Twenty-five percent of all council ballots cast thus far have under-votes.
  • County-wide levies are all winning by a healthy margin, except Issue 4, which is losing 51-49. It'll be close, but I expect it'll pass.
  • The Cincinnati school levee also passing, 55-45.
10:30: Finally, updated results. 16% of precincts county-wide, 23 % city-wide.
  • Mayor: The race tightens again. Wenstrup with a narrow lead now.
  • Council: Holding as before. Qualls doing extremely well.
  • School board: Looks like Bates, Cooper-Reed, Ingram, and White. Haap lagging well behind in 11th, beating only Curtis Wells.
  • All county-wide levies are now passing.
  • Issue 9 is failing, 54 to 46.
Honestly, folks, I don't know what to make of the mayor's race. I don't know what precincts have reported in, but the fact that Issue 9 is now being soundly defeated and the mayor's race is this tight is leaving me perplexed.

10:40: More results. 55% of city precincts; 35% county-wide.
  • Mayor: Mallory back to a ten-point lead. I'm really curious now as to which precincts the last batch of votes came from.
  • Council: These votes are from heavily Democratic wards. Cole's up to 5th, Quinlivan to 5th. Ghiz would be last on: Watson first out; Harris in 10th.
  • All county-wide levies passing. School board levy passing.
  • Issue 9 failing, 56-44.
11:10: 78% of city precincts.
  • Mayor: Still Mallory, but a little tighter: 53-46.
  • Council: Order: Qualls Thomas Bortz Berding Ghiz Monzel Winburn Quinlivan. Harris in 10th, down by .5%, which is looking like a lot right now.
  • Issue 9 being handily defeated, 56 - 49.
  • All county and the Cincinnati school levies are passing.
At this point, you've got the news outlets covering the races. I've got an early morning and am headed to bed. Look for some analysis from Griff and me tomorrow.

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