Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Money Will Talk

Annie's Nightclub has reportedly ended their Sunday night Hip-Hop shows after two men were murdered in the parking lot Sunday. Annie's was reportedly facing pressure from police to increase security after a shooting occurring on the dance floor last year. I really have no good answers on this one. It has been a problem that has plagued Hip-Hop based promoted shows in many places, not just around Cincinnati. Part of me wants to see this as a chicken and the egg type of situation, but part of me wants the Hip-Hop "culture" examined more and its flaws exposed. I have solution.

Money will drive Annie's and the promoters of the Hip-Hop shows, not safety for the participants or the public. I would expect that Annie's will bring the shows back, after a few months of quiet Sundays and as soon as they get a new promoter promising to do things better.

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