Thursday, March 05, 2009

'Round The Cinciblogosphere: End of an Era

Well, Jean-Robert at Pigall's is no more. I'm fortunate to have eaten there once, for a three-course lunch a few years ago. I remember distinctly two things: the best scallops I've ever had, and my only experience with purple potatoes (mmm....potatoes and purple, together).

I kept waiting for Griff to invite Jack, Julie, and me out to Pigall's to mark the closing but alas, the perks of blogging aren't what they used to I've had to settle for reading about other bloggers' last meals there.

Kate's random thoughts on a final four-star meal are here. Graham ate at Jean Robert's this week ( was a couple weeks ago, but I'm trying to get his blog's name into the sentence). And go read which of Jean Robert's morsels got into Liz's belly here (yes, Liz blew it in her review of Adriatico's, but her terrific recounting of her Pigall's meal--as well as her great story on a foray into a sort of extreme-cuisine-meets-fine-dining-purgatory--has caused me to stop frothing at the mouth.

I'm sorry to see the restaurant go. I'm not sure how such restaurants fit into markets outside of New York and Los Angeles, particularly in the present economy. But such restaurants remind us why the phrase "culinary art" exists. Jean Robert, when he's at his finest, isn't just dishing up sustenance; he's creating art and memories. And I hope that downtown restaurant gets another opportunity to support a four-star dining experience).

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