Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Repsonse on Streetcars

I was working on a response to this post over the weekend, but UrbanCincy.com took care of that.

Here is most of my rant anyway:

Here's a blog post from QueerCincinnati.com against the streetcars, which I am posting in part so people can't say I aways only give attention to things I agree with. The other reason is because it is a thoughtful post. I think the is assumption that Streetcars must be looked at from a Public Transportation for the poor point of view. The Streetcar plan is not designed to replace the bus. It is designed to help with economic development and create a better and more environmentally sound way of living. The problem with comparing it to bus service creates the false pretense that it is a means to serve those without a car. It instead should be viewed as a way help reduce the use of cars and maybe even reduce the need for a car. More importantly it should be viewed as a tool to further push the revitalization of the OTR and the Banks and the Uptown area into a more vibrant urban living corridor.

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