Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do We Have Presidential Nominees Yet?

This is all just too much fun --- even more fun because it captures the very essence of the man and his campaign.

OK, how does McCain make the Huckster go away? And what gives with only counting two-thirds of the caucus sites in Washington State and then declaring McCain the winner?

Can Clinton survive to the March 4 primaries, if Obama has won Kansas, Washington, Louisiana, Maine, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Hawaii and Wisconsin between Super Tuesday and March 4 and she has won none? What does Obama have to do to begin to capture lower educated and lower income non-African American voters? Who gets Latino voters in Texas? Union workers in Ohio? Why are those white Democratic voters who are most secure and comfortable in their financial position in society ("Starbucks Democrats") overwhelmingly supporting Obama thus far, while those white Democratic voters who are least financially secure and comfortable ("Dunkin Donut Democrats") overwhelmingly sticking with Clinton thus far? Does Clinton withdraw if she does not win Ohio AND Texas on March 4? Should she withdraw at that point or should she fight on through Pennsylvania? What if Clinton and Obama remain virtually tied in delegates through the end of all primaries and the super delegates have to make the decision? How should they decide? What do Obama supporters do if the super delegates swing to Clinton? What do Clinton supporters do if the super delegates swing to Obama? Either way they swing, hasn't the process been run according to the rules and neither side has grounds for bitching? Aren't super delegates fundamentally anti-democratic? How will all this end?

Maybe everyone will just get together and decide that the country deserves another Bush term to keep us all safe from terror through torture ----- Mission Accomplished!

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