Thursday, August 16, 2007

Battle of the Network Weeklies

I didn't know this before I arrived to check out Game Show Night (every Wednesday on Fountain Square), but I was to witnessr a grudge match of epic proportions as CityBeat faced off against arch rival Cin Weekly.

In a hard fought battle of Fountain Square Family Feud, the CityBeat Team soundly defeated the Cin Weekly Team. It wasn't really close.

Lots of thinking went into each question. Some of the answers were clever. On naming local beers one person answered "Pabst." On the other team one player came up with the classic answer to naming a dish soap: "cheese." Yes, that contestant had made several trips to the beer booth.

As a neutral observer, I can attest that both teams had fun. I didn't hear about any trash talk, but I was certainly hoping for some. Let's hope we can see a rematch soon. I would like to see the editors square off in a battle of trivia.

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