Monday, August 28, 2006

It's Not News

No, it is not news that Peter Bronson wants you to know that it is likely that the Pakistanis used torture to gain information from alleged terrorists. It is not news that to Bronson and those like him the "ends justify the means." It is not news that honor and principle don't matter if a white person's life is in the balance.

If a 100,000 civilian Iraqis die, that is justified because it was in revenge for 3,000 9/11 murders (which were totally unrelated) and helped make the 336 billion dollars of profit for oil companies, not to mention big profits for war industries. Honor and principle matters when the Bronsons of the world are thumping their bible in church. They matter when it comes to protecting their own or their own purse. It's not news when the Bronsons of the world talk out of the both sides of their moralists mouths. Beating a man is fine with Bronson. It isn't news that torture is wrong.

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  1. By the way, since he's on the topic of "propaganda" and the lies of the MSM, it might be helpful to point out that he can’t even write a short article without at least two factually incorrect statements: 1) the girl who fell from the swing was Palestinian, not Lebanese (of course, Bronson probably thinks all Arabs are alike anyway) and 2) the fired photographer was not a Reuters’ employee, but a freelancer whose photos Reuters’ bought. Subtle, but very important, distinction.


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