Friday, June 30, 2006

Who is Milton Dohoney?

I know that some on City Council are not huge fans of Milt, but who is the guy? Joe Wessels of the Post gives a short profile.


I am shocked to learn that Peter Bronson is highlighting the efforts of Westwood Concern, a group with the reputation of being lead/founded by, well, racists.

What is left out of this article is the overt "guess who's coming to the neighborhood" theme. Westwood Concern may or may not be pushing subtle/overt racism, but their tone and methods strike a tone of bigotry that can't be denied. They don't want their neighborhood to "change." When Bronson talks about crime as the concern, I think he's not translated from Westside Speak the concept that crime = poor blacks to many who live in that area. It is not surprising that Peter looks past that kind of bigotry. It is sad.

Good Final Friday Article, but....

Good to read this article on Final Friday, but I think the folks at Enjoy the Arts should have been listed.

RIP Coach Randy Walker

Tragic News for Miami fans as former Football Coach Randy Walker died from an apparent heart attack last night.

This news is even more horrible with the loss of what would have been a great day for Randy Walker: Northwestern's season opener against Miami in Oxford.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Can 3CDC or business owners breathe life back into Main Street? The dates that should be worrying people are in September, when Midpoint occurs. What venues will they use? Where do you put the bands that played last year on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

Choices are now much more limited. (Note to Enquirer: you forgot to include the move of the Warehouse to Main Street, and you did not include Club Dream on the list)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More of the Same

Today we learn that it's not the inner-burbs fault that Hamilton county is losing population.
"While Cincinnati is the nation's pace-setter for population loss, Hamilton County continues to have the two most-populous townships in Ohio - Green and Colerain."
So the city sucks, burbs great! Ok, Enquirer, we got you the first time. The horse is dead already.

New City Manager Today?

Then Enquirer is reporting that Milton Dohoney has the 5 votes needed to be confirmed as City Manager.

I will predict a 6 to 3 vote. At this point the grandstanding has gone on long enough. Mallory is not going to give in on who he is choosing, so have the vote, and lets move on. We can't afford to let this go on through the summer in limbo.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Enquirer's Tuesday Desdemona Story

Well, Why a story wasn't in Sunday's and Saturday's paper is unknown, but at it got some coverage. 7,000 appears to be a really good number. I don't know how that was figured, but it sounds better than expected.

Mason Cop Accused of assault

You look extra guilty when you don't turn yourself in immediately and you are a cop.

Big question: Where is his gun? He was put on leave yesterday, but is his gun kept at the police station or was it seized or does he still have it? The public should know.

Hopefully, he has surrendered by now.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Slap in the Face

Can we say without a bit of hesitance that the Enquirer has a clear editorial bias against the City of Cincinnati? Who runs this story a couple of days after a mega story that basically shouts from the hill-tops that the city is dying? Someone or a group of someone who like to bash City Council, and in turn all of the people trying to make Cincinnati a real city, not just a parking lot with two sports stadiums for the exurbanites to visit twice a year.

What gives with this attitude? Is there an editor(s) at the paper with a big stick up his/her ass? Did someone have a beggar ask them for money on their way to the Fourth Street Starbucks? What motivates this negative attitude?

Hat-tip to montecarloss from comments.

"Enquirer" Coverage Of Des

Via comments: A link to some great blogging on Desdemona from's Brian Butts.

Why wasn't this put into print?

Desdemona Music Festival Recap

I made my way down to the Desdemona Music Festival again last night. I saw a great Heartless Bastard's set. I don't think I have heard them sound as good. The crowd for the opening main stage show was not overly rocking, but none of the crowds ever got that rowdy at any show I saw during the fest.

It's now over. I don't know how it did, but it would appear to me it did ok. I am hopeful that it was able to at least break even.

It got no coverage over the weekend in the Enquirer that I saw. Other than seeing Kari from Cinweekly at the event, I don't know if they plan on running any kind of story about it. I found nothing online today.

Tucked Away Positive Snipits

Yesterday we were finally able to read what felt like a blog post about the Freedom Center's event last Thursday night. Is this a column? Is that where the
Savvy in Cincinnati subheader comes from? It doesn't make much sense otherwise. I'll take what ever positive vibe I can get about the city from the Enquirer, but I am hoping for more in the form of opinion, which we are never going to get on the editorial pages.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

While We're on Music

The Enquirer reviews Pearl Jam's show last night at the US Bank Arena. The best line from the article is:
It was a fitting, and touching, moment during a show that was otherwise filled with shout-along songs and more fist-pumping than a fascist rally.
That line referenced Eddie Vedder's tribute to the 1979 Coliseum tragedy.

Speaking of Being Heartless...

In their email this week the Heartless Bastards Report that their new album "All This Time" will be released on August 8th. No word yet on a CD release event, but I for one vote for one at the Southgate House.

Desdemona Music Festival

I went down to Desdemona last night. I didn't know any of the groups I saw, but I enjoyed Forget Cassettes and Enon.

Today The Heartless Bastards play at 4PM on the main stage, so, I'll likely make my way down for that.

Anyone else go? Your take on the bands and fest itself?

Friday, June 23, 2006

New Convention Center Opens

I missed the early part of the night, but the Cincinnati Convention Center is great! The Rusted Root show drew a very diverse crowd, with the smell of incense a lingering from group of dreadlocks wearing white kids to reformed adult hippies. Mixing in the stuffy suits and music lovers made for a motley bunch of dancing fools!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Old News

Old News is new again!


Catch play by play results of the USA vs. Ghana World Cup Match here.


It appears Council Woman Cole was not seriously injured in a motorcycle crash. The article is a little bit vague if she was actually on a motorcycle or not, but I wonder if she was wearing a helmet.