Friday, June 25, 2004

Ooooo, An E-mail Apology

After the Enquirer broke the news to Bush that he had praised a person who was supposed to have reformed after committing a big white collar crime, but has not repaid what they stole, the White House e-mail an apology to the Fairfield business owners who were the victims of the crime. An e-mail? That's it??? What an effort. How compassionate.

Fuck You Too Dick!

Yahoo! News - Sen. Leahy Says Cheney Cursed at Him

Idiot at Forbes

Ignorant is as ignorant does. When Dan Lienert came to Cincinnati I guess he assumed that in a few hours he could figure out everything about Cincinnati. What a lazy putz. I will never admit to being a super outgoing person, but If you are trying to find the hot and trendy places to go, you might try and do some fucking research before you get into town. Maybe you ask for some help. Maybe that is how people in other cities find out where to go, hmmm ya think? If this guy really thinks that based on one day of going around on his own he saw everything, then he is not only lazy, but stupid.

Also, what kind of moron goes to the Art Museum at 3:30 PM on a Friday and expect to see 20 and 30 somethings? WE ARE WORKING!!!!! Does he think we all have time to just take off and show him around the city on a week day? It is obvious this fool takes the perception that the Peter Bronson's and CincyNations of the city want you to have; that life here is for married white people living in the burbs. Guess what folks, they are wrong. Everything we need to have a great urban center is there. The problem is that too many in the media buy into the hype because they are too lazy to do their jobs and just repeat what the Bronson's say or what the coffee cooler talk at Channel 9 is today.

UPDATE: Nick Spencer and the Apostate have more.

Worthless Article

This article about the opening tomorrow of "Fahrenheit 9/11", which questions the Bush Administration, is totally worthless. All it does is say that some people want to see it, and bunch of conservatives are pissed about the movie. WHY does it not indicate the specifics the conservatives are pissed about? Maybe because they have not seen the film and are just pissed about it because it is not a pro-bush propaganda piece, like you would find on FOX News? The classic quote comes from Mike Allen:
"'If I know this area, the film won't do very well here,' he said."
When I am watching it this weekend, I will let you know how the turn out goes. If it is being shown by the mainstream movies theaters, then I don't think they expect it to be the flop Allen hopes.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Cranley Beating a Dead Horse

Stephanie Dunlap reports onCranley, Cole, and Reece's meeting with John Elkington while on a visit to Memphis. This is the same Elkington who spewed anti-Chinese comments while in town trying to land a development deal with the city.

Shocking News: Negative Letters About Clinton in the Enquirer

Ray Cooklis couldn't find a single positive letter about Bill Clinton's book? I know that Peter Bronson's editorial page legacy still runs thick, but does it have to be that biased?

Bush is Tough on Crime

Well, if you mean tough by ignoring the plight of the victims of the crime, then you may be right. This story is just simply amazing. How did this not get vetted better by Bush's people? Could he fit any more egg on his face?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

AFI Top 100 Songs in Films

I watched AFI's TV program last night. I love the AFI lists. I was disappointed by this list. I guess my problem was their use of "song" instead of music or score. The music in film goes far beyond what they listed, which ended up being the songs that were popular hits outside the movie. What they should have done was include the top music or musical moments. The person they screwed on this and who should get his own AFI musical special: John Williams. He, in my opinion, will be considered one of the greatest music composers of the 20th century. His music is "pop-classical," to some, but it gave Spielberg/Lucas a signature sounds that complete the idea of their movies better than the acting, script or visuals combined.

CiN Weekly Opinion

We have more!!!. I hope this becomes a regular element of paper. I hope to hear something with, how shall I say it, WITH SOME BALLS. We need a "voice" in the city to saying something and if Cin Weekly can have a voice, all be it one tied to the Enquirer's money gambit, then we have more competing ideas. More ideas begets more democracy.

City Hall Mess

What will City Government reform entail? Korte gives a summary of the proposals which are now coming forward to council for a vote to add the plans to the November ballot. I see currently no consensus on a plan and too many plans to really give people something to focus on. I hope council can weed down which proposals make it to the ballot to one plan that a majority of council can support.

City Beat' Stephanie Dunlap asked last week: "Council districts: real reform or clever backlash?" Is it all a sham? Are various groups just manipulating the form of government in order to gain power for their group? Is this the plan of the GOP (Brinkman) or Dems (Laketa Cole)? Who stands to gain or who stands to lose in the various forms of "reform?"

5/3 Bank Moves into 21st Century?

XRay Magazine is reporting that 5/3 Bank has agreed to change it's discrimination policy and include sexual orientation. The change comes on the heals of a campaign from local gay-rights organizations to move money out of 5/3 Bank next month. According to the XRay report the "Move Your Money" Campaign has been "Curbed." 5/3 Bank claims no connection between their revised policy and the activist actions.

The Enquirer has more.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Bronson: Blame the Evil Liberals!!!

Well, he is far more subtle, but he just might as well can come out blamed the Clenis® in column today:
Here's another reason STDs are out of control: Teens have been taught by our culture that oral sex is not sex - although it transmits STDs. They are seduced with a relentless background music of sex in media and entertainment. And when they think of STDs at all, they think of the disease that gets all the attention, AIDS.
Maybe sex education in schools that was not based on being what a fundamentalists Christian finds acceptable and more like what a reasonable human being find acceptable would help reduce the number of STDs. I also find Peter's, "kids believe oral sex is not sex" theme to be one not based on anything beyond recycled conservative dogma, not solid scientific data from reputable sources.

In fact, what is odd, is that this sounds like something Bronson would have written about 6 years ago. It could be a slightly modified retread.

Bush Coverage

Kudos to Korte for including opposition comments in his article on the Bush appearance. We got two retorts added in, so I am sure that will be seen as bias by the GOP, even though it was buried at the very bottom of the article, opposed to the top half for Rob Portman. We also got the full text of Bush's speech.

Korte and Weiser also had a briefs section and the stray plane story was played up like no one's business. It is almost like Bush is releasing the stories on stray planes to show how much he is "in danger" to the public or how much hyper protection he has to make the terrorist forget about attacking him. I wonder who pushed the news story on the plane incident? The DDN says there were two planes escorted down by military jets. The DDN also had a story on the fundraiser.

RNC Talking Points on Iraq

Atrios found this and is not sure how old they are, but here are the talking points from one well known RNC pollster on what Republicans should say about Iraq and terrorism. I wanted to post this just to make sure that Peter Bronson has a back-up copy. There is even a section about writing editorials, so I can Peter's sources more clearly.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Dayton Racial Problems

I never thought race relations were great anywhere, but Dayton did not seem worse than Cincinnati. This incident seems to suggest otherwise. This is something that I have not heard of recently happening in Cincinnati. I don't see a big fight happening because of race at a Main Street or Mt. Adams bar. Now, why is that? Unfortunately I think the reason is because here in Cincinnati people self segregate far more than in Dayton.

More here.

P&G: New Ivory Soap

P&G will be announcing a new line of Ivory Bar Soap. The question I have: will it float?

Odd Enqurier News for Website: Bias?

Ok, I don't have a problem with story being in the newspaper, but why did the Kerry-South Korean contributors story make it to the online edition of newspaper? This is not a local story and nearly all national stories that appear in the print edition of the paper don't make it online, usually because they are just AP Wire stories that are online in a 100 other places. This story is from the AP.

You don't suppose it is online because Bush is town today do you? Hmmm????? This story is listed on the front page of the website and on the Local page. It was in the Front Page Section of the Print Edition. Why was it online? I have sent an email to a couple of editors at the Enquirer asking why.

A side note: I hope that in tomorrow's coverage of the Bush Visit we get a rebuttal view from a Kerry supporter, like we got from Portman on Kerry's visit here. If we don't, then it will be for two possible reasons, laziness or anti-Kerry/pro-Bush bias.

Protest Predictions?

How far away will protesters be when Bush stops in Cincinnati today? I will guess they might get within 500 yards, but that might be pushing things. There will be no flip-flop type protestors inside the events; I will bank on that one.

The Last of the Cicada NY Times Articles

I believe this article from the New York Times is the signal that they have officially ceased their coverage of the Cicadas as a news story until about 16 years and 9 months from now. All I can say is ABOUT FUCKING TIME!

UPDATE: "Just when I thought that I was out they pull me back in."

Water is STILL Wet: Political Edition

Who the hell needs "expert" political analysis to conclude that Bush marriage proposal plays well among conservatives? These are Ohio analysts too, so go figure how they could have come up with that far reaching conclusion all on their own.