Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Portune Wants State Democratic Chairmanship

County Commissioner Todd Portune is running for state Democratic chairman. I don't think I am the only person surprised about this.

I have a question, does this mean he will be required to leave his post as County Commissioner?

Council Rule Changes

With a new council we get new proposals:
  1. Allow the chair of a council meeting to limit citizens who want to speak before Council to one public appearance a month.

  2. Eliminate by-leaves, or unscheduled motions, communications, resolutions and ordinances.

  3. Prevent council members from requesting reports from the administration unless four council members or a committee chairperson and one other council member agree to the request.

  4. Ban council members from speaking more than once on any one subject and limit comments to three minutes.
I want an orderly council meeting, but I don't want a rigid meeting.  Citizens should be respectful of everyone on council.  We don’t need the Boycott B clowns making fools out of themselves and insult everyone in attendance with their childish antics and meaningless stunts.  I don’t want things so closed down to allow for opinions not to be heard.  If you are disruptive, then you loose your ability to address council.  If you are respective you should be allowed to address council at every meeting.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tarbell Name Vice Mayor

Mayor Mark Mallory has picked Councilman Jim Tarbell to the city's next Vice Mayor. Isn't Tarbell term limited after the term ending in 2007?

More Idiotic Bronson

Fingerprint Everyone! Get DNA samples before the terrorists strike again! Who does Peter Bronson think is going to attack Cincinnati? Well, the only people to be worried about are home grown terrorists. Osama is not going to target a Cincinnati Bengals game. There is not a plot to prevent them from going to the playoffs.

We don't need pat downs here. If the NFL wants to increase beer sales by screening out flasks, then just say so, and don't hide behind "terrorism" which sends the Peter Bronsons of the world into panic mode, making his cave seem all the more homey.

Monday, November 28, 2005

More Vice Mayor Rumblings

Korte has no more idea who is going to be the next vice mayor, but he makes the point that it will likely not be John Cranley. I don't know if that is true. I don't think Cranley really wants to be mayor. I think he wants more. I think he may want another crack at Chabot or at least he wants a shot to become County Commissioner.

1st Dem Challenger to Face Schmidt

I have never heard of Jim Parker and I don't know how he'll do in the race. He did get some free press and that always helps.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Soldier Speaks

Jean Schmidt should avoid speaking about the opinions of Iraq soldiers and their moral. If she continues to do so, then instead of talking with an extreme right wing Ohio politician who served desk duty during the Iraq war, Jean should talk with solders like Major David Grundy. Major Grundy's opinion is his and I don't know how common it is, but if a Major has the courage to speak out against a Republican on the War, then his opinion should be respected and should be strongly considered. I hope he does not feel pressure or even worse this hurts his career for exercising his rights as a citizen and soldier.

Mark Mallory Profile

Interesting profile piece on Mark Mallory from the Enquirer's Chuck Martin. It is interesting to know about the personality of Mark Mallory, but this side of his personality is not relevant to his job as mayor. I hope this is the last type of personality profile we see on the Mayor. I hope to hear more him discussing the type of person he wants for Vice-Mayor and City Manager.

I really could have done without the Bill Cunningham quotes and knowing Mark's waist size. Cunningham's quotes were complimentary and benign, but Cunningham adds nothing to the City in anything he does, so why ask him about Mallory? I really don't need to know Mark's waist size or suit size. Saying he dresses well is fine, I don't need to know the details.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Purple People Bridge Entance Wins Award

Today's Enquirer reports (but the story is not online) the vilified 'artwork' won a Cincinnati Design Award. I find that very hard to believe that something that caused WCPO to do a tabloidish expose on it is deserving of an award. I would call it rather ugly.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Ladies, Just In Case

If the ladies are out and about at a night club around Cincinnati this weekend and Nick Lachey starts hitting on you, don't be shocked nor upset. I bet you should be flattered to be the potential rebound girl.

Bad Apple Still Bad

The courts were no help to a bad situation. Patrick Caton should not be a police officer, especially in Cincinnati.

What is next? Will he actually rejoin the force? Does he have another job and is this just a matter of paperwork and back pay? It sounds and looks horrible, but I would be willing for the City to pay a settlement to the guy to keep him off the police force.

More from the Post.

Hating the Nati

In today's letters to the editor we get this anti-city gem from an inner-suburb dolt:
Keep sheriff out of Over-the-Rhine

I do not feel it is fair to the outlying communities to have former Cincinnati councilmen acting as Hamilton County Commissioners to authorize paying a million and a half for police protection in the Over-the-Rhine. As far as we are concerned this is another way to use the taxing authority of Hamilton County to pay for the Cincinnati operating expenses.

Why not use the funds to assist the city of Norwood or other communities? If the sheriff is over-funded, he should return the money to the county.

Fred J. Benz
Fred is not alone. He has many friends who would be happy to leave the city out to fail. Fred might need a slight geography lesson. The City of Cincinnati is in Hamilton County. The city residents pay the same taxes he does. How often does a Sheriff patrol the City of Montgomery? Well, when I view the City of Montgomery's Police Department's web page, and on it they have a prominent link to the Hamilton County Sheriff's website, then I will conclude that the Sheriff does quite a bit of patrolling in Montgomery. Mr. Benz, I suggest you request your city to either increase their police force & stop using the Sheriff Department to supplement its budget or shut up.

Worst of all, the Sheriff is not patrolling OTR for other reasons completely, not that Mr. Benz noticed.

Get Off Your Ass and Shop

Today is the day that everyone should be out there shopping. You are doing two things: one you are earning me a salary increase and two your are clearing out the stores so I can do my shopping in peace next weekend.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

More Schmidt Lies

We have a new report that states Jean Schmidt lied again. From Howard Wilkinson's article:
U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt said this afternoon she had “no idea’’ when she created an uproar on the House floor by saying “cowards cut and run, Marines never do’’ that she was addressing the remark to a fellow House member who is a much decorated Marine veteran of Vietnam.

“I did not know he was a Marine or I would not have said it,’’ the newly elected Republican congresswoman told The Enquirer this afternoon in an interview at her Kenwood district office.
Well, Jean either has bad hearing, does not pay attention, or is lying. I vote for the third. She clearly new he was a Marine and was present during a news conference when a it was stated.

In the UA Progressive article above we are lead back to the transcript in which I posted on Jean's nutty anti-Muslim rant. In that news conference, which took place within 24 hours of Jean's Murtha comments, one of her fellow GOP Congressman said that Murtha was a Marine right in front of her:
DREIER: I have the utmost respect for my colleague Jack Murtha. My father was a Marine. Jack Murtha was a very proud Marine. And I have worked with him for the last quarter century on the struggle for liberation in Central America and in other spots throughout the world -- in military conflicts.
Later in the news conference Jean went nutty and poured into the anti-Muslim rant I posted on previously.

Now, it is in print that she heard Murtha was a Marine. Is she foolish enough to think we are not going to conclude that she knew fully well that Murtha was a former Marine because she either can’t hear or does not pay attention? I guess she thinks her voters are stupid. I am glad to help rid them of their stupid. I hope to be rid of Jean Schmidt. What we get in her place will be just as bad (Brinkman), but might finally make for a rational District 2 to break freed of the nutty GOP wing that controls the district and instead of more of the same. Hackett would have been a good congressman. I think Pepper could be too. I just want new blood and non-nutty and non-antigay non-antiwoman candidates.

Fake GOP Site OK has survived an initial legal test.

Leslie, Leslie, Leslie

Oh the friends you choose. Korte is reporting that Councilwoman-elect Leslie Ghiz will be sworn in as Councilwoman by Rep. Jean Schmidt. Leslie said it herself-
"I'm sure I'’m going to catch 10 kinds of hell, but since when have I started worrying about that?" Ghiz said. "She's a good person. She's a female Republican. We have to support each other."
Leslie needs to just break free from the GOP. Schmidt is not the person you want as a mentor. What I hope Leslie learns now from Jean is how NOT to act as a public official.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New Vice Mayor?

Who will be Vice Mayor? One Assumes that it will be John Cranley, but one be sure. Luken picked Reece over Pepper last time. Mallory could pick Cole or even Crowley. I would surmise he would not pick "rookies" Berding and Thomas. I would assume he would pick a Democrat too.

The Committee Chairs are where things will get interesting.

Anti-Gay Tom Brinkman

The slippery slope is getting slicker. It shouldn't surprise anyone that the bigoted right wing is doing everything they can to oppress gays and lesbians and drive them away from Ohio. It is a little bit surprising that Tom Brinkman it leading the charge. Well, I guess maybe it's not surprising. Being anti-gay is still OK with the majority of Republicans. That is not a stereotype. That is a simple observation.

This is a theocratic fascist crusade against gays and lesbians. Say what you want about why this is being done, but there is no other way to honestly put it to words.

Those "moderates" who somehow thought the anti-gay amendment was anything other than a way to oppress gays were just not paying attention. This is only the beginning. The theocrats are going to do what ever they can to use the government to enact religious law. This proves I must live in the most idiotic area in the state. Brinkman and Schmidt are my representatives. They are extremists, and horrible public officials.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Cincinnati Advance Radio: Drive Time!

Joe Wessels is live on WAIF tomorrow morning at 8AM with CinAd Radio. Joe's guests this week are Fitness expert and writer of CinWeeklyÂ?s Ask Rocco, Rocco Castellano plus local authors and Enquirer staffers Rebecca Goodman and Barrett J. Brunsman discuss their book Â?This Day In Ohio HistoryÂ?. Tune in to 88.3 FM for a special Wednesday morning edition.