Sunday, July 31, 2005

Enquirer Endorses Schmidt

Not a big shocker, but their rationale looks rather shallow to me. For all of their bashing of Hackett, Schmidt will not be able to do a damn thing any faster than Hackett would, and Hackett would get huge national attention for the city and area if he did win. His Iraqi veteran status is a very important issue that the media has hit upon, finally, and that would I think outweigh any advantage Schmidt might have for being part of the majority party in getting money for the area. Portman's projects were mostly nickel and dime stuff anyway. He was known for national issues, not local service.

I have no doubt now that the editorial board of the Enquirer is just as conservative without Peter Bronson as they were with him.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Jean's Shocked, Shocked She Tells Us

It is funny when you get outed for lobbying for gambling, but don't remember doing it.

Do the Social Conservative voters in the 2nd district know Jean supports Gambling?

Guest Bloggers

Don't be alarmed if you see a couple of fellow bloggers chiming in this weekend. I will have two (still open for more) guest bloggers during my vacation.

I will allow them to do their own introductions if they wish. Both have their own local blog and do great jobs. Please give a warm and pleasant welcome.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Keep Old Time Radio

The New WVXU really needs to keep old time radio. I really hope the new owners can work on a deal to keep history alive in Cincinnati and keep it alive in the minds of today's young citizens. If you have never heard these programs, you must listen this weekend. They are something you can't understand until you listen. It is a mind expanding experience to understand how these radio programs set the ground work for TV and entertainment as we know it today.

Big Mo for Hackett

Paul Hackett still has the momentum and yesterday's news was a big boost.

This weekend will be the test. The ground team appears in place. I hope to see a bunch of Hackett T-shirts walking around the East side of the city this weekend.

What I really was wondering now is how the parents of POW/MIA solider Matt Maupin felt when Paul Hackett was being attacked for his service in Iraq. Matt Maupin after all was taken prisoner while he was working in a truck convoy. Paul Hackett was attacked for commanding truck convoys. I wonder if the Maupin’s are supporting Schmidt now.

Ring Master Wingburn

I agree with Mark Mallory, Winburn is turning the Mayor's race into a circus with his PR stunts. That is all Winburn has, stunts. If Winburn wants to prove something to the public, then instead of a drug screening, why does Winburn take a lie detector test to gets his real views on gays and those not 'born-again' Christians. His bigotry is in my opinion openly known. If you are going to be an anti-gay bigot, like Jean Schmidt, come out and make it known Charlie. (Yea, he will not take the test, but it would be funny as hell if he did and every got to know his real views, not the PR spin.)

Farewell to Wes Flinn

Please join me in saying farewell to Wes Flinn who is leaving our fair city tomorrow morning. I have been privileged to become good friends with Wes. He is a wonderful person, a great wit, and true gentleman. The blogosphere in Cincinnati will miss him, his huge circle of friends will miss him, and I will miss him.

Good luck in your new job and please stay in touch!

'Blogger' Questions Military Service

Blogger? This guy ran for congress against Schmidt, where is the mention of that? It is nice to know Jean at least knows what a blog is.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Big Head

Someone is going to have a bigger head than usual after this article.

COAST Opposes Schmidt

In a press release today we get this treat:
The Coalition Opposed to Additional Spending and Taxes announced today that it is launching a radio campaign urging Republicans, conservatives and advocates of limited government to stay at home on Tuesday and cautioning voters not to vote for Republican Jean Schmidt. COAST charged that Schmidt has been posing in the campaign as an advocate of limited government and lower taxes, when the truth is the exact opposite. The script for the radio spot is attached.

"During her tenure in the Ohio legislature, Jean Schmidt voted in favor of every single one of Bob Taft'?s tax increases, and for good measure, proposed more of her own,"? said COAST Chairman Jim Urling. "?In her recent literature she says that she supports '?limited government and lower taxes.' Indeed, her voting record decidedly shows her beliefs are in bigger government and in higher taxes. She simply is a big-government advocate. Any statement by her to the contrary is a lie."

"?COAST encourages its members and all those believing in limited government and lower taxes to stay home on Tuesday, election day," implored Urling. "?Another primary and general election will be held in 2006 and we will elect a good representative at that time. Please do not cast a vote for Jean Schmidt Â? it will be wasted."
That has to smart a bit. They are buying radio ads with the same message. They don't like Hackett, ok, but the enemy of my enemy....

Blues Fest Starts Tomorrow!!!!!!

Get your butt down to the Blues Fest Friday and Saturday. Look for me working behind the scenes. I will be the guy driving around in a cart looking goofy. The only difference between every other day is that I will be in a cart, not a car.

Full details here:

Madison Theater Closing

Well, the only time I went there it was empty, but it is bad news for the Cincy music scene. I wonder why no one is lamenting the ruin of Downtown Covington? (Cue to CincyNation).

More from the Post.

Keep it in the Burbs

You asked for it, you got it. For all of those looking to live in an artificial world with a prosthetic retail environment, you can't do better than a Super Walmart. Please, just keep these out of the city.

Cincy FOP a Store Front for Local GOP

It will be no shock to anyone who pays attention but the drivel spewed from local GOP hack Keith Fangman should remove all doubt that the political actions of the Cincinnati FOP are nothing but actions by the GOP. For all of the bitching and moaning about Unions getting involved in politics, I will now DEMAND any and all republicans who whine about the dues and good will used to back Democrats to now come out and bitch and Whine about the FOP making, what can only be described a fabrication, slam against Paul Hackett.

What I really don't get on this is that the FOP base is the West side of the country. The East side of the county really don't give a damn about the Cincinnati police department and especially who their union endorses for congress. This really is a waste of time for Schmidt, unless she plans on challenging Steve Chabot in 2006.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Hackett for Congress: Calendar of Events

For those inclined, here are his events.

His "Hackett for Congress: American Values Motorcycle Tour Â? All Day" sounds like a great event. I hope he drives from Portsmith to Cincinnati. Wonderful way to get to the entire district and to gain some good PR.

Good For the Sheriff's Department

I am glad the money seized is going to good groups: Head start and U.C. Education program.

Hackett vs. Schmidt Debate

This was I believe their second debate. The newspaper gives the impression that things got a bit testy. The picture suggests, I hope incorrectly, that there was really bad blood between these two. Any truth to that?

Hackett really has some good momentum going. Will it be enough to win? Well, we are less than a week out, and now is the time to put the money to use. I expect there will be a flood of TV ads from both candidates. The phone banks will be rocking and the shoes will be worn thin. The energy is clearly in the Hackett campaign. Schmidt does not instill much from her base. The battle now is on getting out the vote.

The country is now watching this campaign. National news outlets have been spotted around campaign events. It likely will get more attention as things go on. I hope Hackett can pull this off. It is still on paper a long shot, but I am confident Schmidt will not win "big." She can in no way get Portman numbers in this district, even with it redrawn to favor the GOP.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetleju....

Kevin Drum exposes the slime Republicans are spewing, nearly in unison, on Rove. It is amazing how situational and relative the GOP has become. I thought that was the sole domain of us Secular humanists who know no consistency we wouldn't break.

The bottom line dogma being pushed is so thin it is shame I have to say, because I know some hack will chime in and repeat the same drivel again. I speak of two points. The first is that she wasn't covert. Well, that should by now be obvious to everyone that she was. If not, then the Grand Jury would have finished last year in about 15 minutes. The second is the more laughable one. "Rove didn't say her name." That is the their defense of the man. It is amazing to think that they would stoop to the level of arguing over the meaning of "is", like Rove's Democratic counterpoint in loathing, Bill Clinton. Just to be clear, you don't have to say someone's name to reveal their identity, especially when their name is known. Deep throat’s name was known. He was a public figure. His identity was a secret. Plame, in a manner of speaking, is the same. Her identity as a CIA agent was a state secret. Last time I checked, saying that Wilson's wife works for the CIA is revealing a state secret, even if you don’t say it three times.

The Cincinnati Post Endorses Hackett

Nice boost for Hackett with a solid endorsement from the Post. The Enquirer's endorsement carries much more weight. I will be somewhat shocked if they don't support Schmidt, gotta save them babies and all, but if they don't endorse anyone, that might hurt her far more than him.

Fall From Grace: Minamyer

I actually had respect for the guy who stated he was against the War in Iraq, but when he get's nasty he loses any respect he may have previously earned.

Atrios unleashes on him