Saturday, July 31, 2004

Understatement of the Week

Greg Korte has to win an award for Best Understatement of the week when he wrote this
Luntz, an MSNBC pollster with Republican leanings, was somewhat more scientific.
Luntz is not just a pollster with Republican leanings, but instead is the Man who puts the talking points into the hands of the GOP. An example is Here Other examples from: Disinfopedia, MediaWhoresOnline, and from the horse's mouth you can read his own selected press quotes on his website.

That being said, the article demonstrates an interesting trend about swing voters, they are not going to flow towards Bush. If
Bush can't win more than half of the swing voters easily here in CONSERVATIVE Cincinnati, where a moderate is another term for liberal out in Burbia, then Bush will have to start coming to the state every week in order to stay afloat.

Just as a reminder, Bush has no likely winning combination of electoral votes that does not include Ohio's votes.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Blues Fest!!!

Get the blues

Kerry Speech

So, what did people think of it? I actually did not see it at all. My impression was that it was pretty good. Any conservatives care to chime in with an opinion? I don’t want to open up a can of drivel, but rebutting them can be fun for rest of us.

I myself am tired as hell. I did not sleep much last night, so blogging today will be nearly nil.

Rant on what ever else you here too.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Treasurer Club

The first rule of Treasurer club: don't lose money. Hamilton County Treasurer Robert Goering reportedly has done just that in with a private estate he managed outside his duties as Treasurer.

Was this part of his public job? No, it was not. Is it fair to point out failings that relate to what his job entails? It sure is. If you mess up managing someone else's money, why should anyone trust him to manage the county's money? Ok, this is just one mistake he made, that happen to repeat is self over multiple years.

Wes Flinn has more.

Theocratic ‘Don Quixote’

Court asked to reconsider ban on Commandments: and away goes money down the drain.

Luntz in Cincinnati

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz was in Cincinnati for voter response to Edwards's speech. What a biased place to visit. Unless he handpicked people, he will get not only a right leaning group, but likely many 'I hate all things Democrat' people. Lutz would have been better off in Columbus, if he really wanted "independent voters."

Also, Korte really short sells Luntz:
Luntz, considered a focus-group guru in Washington, has done extensive work for Republican candidates around the country and is considered a pioneer in cutting-edge focus-group techniques.
Luntz is a Republican and works constantly to push GOP candidates and opinion. He has been the source of GOP talking points (pdf) for a long time.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Still No Love

Ray still is not showing local bloggers any love.

Bush Pollster

I got a call from a Bush pollster/campaign worker this evening asking me three questions:
Can President Bush count on your absolute support? Answer: Absolutely Not
Do you fear the Democrats with raise your taxes? Answers: No
Are you Pro-Life, Pro-Choice, or somewhere in between? Answer: Pro-Choice

The questions are slightly paraphrased, but very close to phrasing. After the last one the caller thanked me for my time. He was very polite, but I don't think he got the answers he was looking for. I wonder if he had more questions and cut it short after he understood I was not going to vote for Bush.

He also asked for me by name so I guess the GOP has me on their shit list.

‘Nationalization’ of Local News

Here is a logistical reason why local news organizations should produce their own content, and not rely on a corporate conglomerate to remotely run their website. provides way too much repetitive news that is on the Wires hundreds of other places and then end up on Google News searches about Cincinnati, adding non-Cincinnati related stories.


With the divorce of Queen City Forum we got the Blue Chip Review. I pondered if the BCR would take a turn to the right. Well, this prominent link on the site suggests that it has.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bush Falls

He took a tumble while riding a bike. Someone might want to keep him from playing Tour de France with the kiddies. I guess Bush really really wants to be Lance Armstrong.

No Home Town Love

Ray, show us locals some love, not just the national bloggers.

On the Ropes?

Is Phil Burress on the ropes from the beating he is taking for his bigoted movement? I think his back stepping might have to do more with the possibility that his group might not have enough signatures by the August 4th deadline.

It's All About Ego For Nader reports that in Michigan Nader supporters turned in 5,400 signatures of the needed 30,000 to get on the ballot. The Michigan GOP submitted 43,000 signatures on Nader's behalf.

I wonder how many of those were valid. In Ohio I believe the law states that you can only sign one candidate's petition per election cycle. I would guess, yes I am guessing, it is the same in Michigan. I wonder how many of the 43,000 came from GOP party activists who would have also signed petitions for Bush. Now, since I don't know Michigan election rules, the GOP may not even need to collect signatures for Bush, so the issue may be moot.

What this says about Nader is that he is in this for ego, not for pushing the issues. Nader has reportedly been stating he would not compete in states where his presence would significantly affect the outcome, like Texas and California. Michigan is not a slam-dunk for Kerry, which is why the GOP is anxious to have him on the ballot. Nader's campaign to seek access to the ballot is all for ego, all for what is becoming the face of a man who has lost touch with the public, and to a degree with reality.

[Via TPM]

Digital Radio

I love radio and the idea of digital radio broadcasts really intrigues me. My understanding of the technology is that along with the audio transmission a stream of data can be sent at the same time allowing text information to be transferred. While a song is playing the artist and title could be displayed as well as weather or other information.

What I wonder about is that will the digital broadcast open up more of the broadcast spectrum? Could two different stations broadcast at let's say 800 AM and 810 AM at the same strength and both not bleed into each other? My hope is that it will, allowing more radio stations to open up shop.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Chaz in Boston

Mean Jean Galvin provides us a campaign photo in the making of Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken at the DNC National Convention.

Haunting Chads

The ACLU is suing the State and local officials over the balloting method used in three counties. The good old Punch Card system is on trial and Hamilton County is at the center of it. We still are using the Punch Card and are scheduled to use it again this November. Have local media outlets determined how many ballots were not counted in recent elections because the machines did not read them? The last council race was close, was every vote counted? I would bet Damon Lynch would have liked to push that issue a bit farther than he did.

Bold Fusion

I did not attend Bold Fusion, the Chamber of Commerce event, which sought opinions of "Young Professionals." My reasons for not attending were rather simple: I had to work and paying for people to pick my brain is just wrong. Nick Spencer attending and gives a full recap of the event.

I don't think that a good enough cross section of people attended the event. Those who were able to attend either have really flexible jobs or are self-employed. I ultimately I view this as a waste of time, other than the powers that be figuring out that young professionals really don't see changing Fountain Square as important.

The Enquirer had a story and an editorial. Included also was the full text of UC president Nancy Zimpher's keynote speech.

There also was more from the Cincinnati Post

DNC Convention

Ohio is getting a front row seat for the DNC convention and the GOP will likely follow suit. Inside the hall the script will be tighter than any DNC convention I have ever seen. To be honest, it will really suck. Convention floor fights or at least a nutty speak or two makes from something entertaining. What America has grown to expect from the Dems is being raucous. I actually look for more boos of speakers at the GOP convention, than this week in Boston.

On the other hand I hope this is not a sign of things to come:
The two groups crossed paths at an intersection and exchanged angry words. A brief scuffle broke out between some of the peace demonstrators and a man carrying a graphic anti-abortion sign. The man was pushed to the ground and his shirt was torn but he appeared unhurt.
This makes it likely that the protests at GOP convention will be more ugly.

Racism Still Breeding Scum

The NKY Sunday Challenger has a good follow-up story on the cross burning and racial intimidation incident. They report that the idiot teenagers and alleged criminals wore hoods when they burned a cross in the yard of a black family. I would like to find out about their families. What could have motivated these morons to do such a thing? Did the apple fall near the tree or are just the one bad one in a bushel.

Also the Challenger has an Editorial Cartoon