Friday, November 01, 2002

Candidates' quirks in question
This questionnaire was fine except for asking: "How often do you attend religious services?" That is a political question that does not fit in with the rest. Since in this country religion is a de facto requirement for public office, it clearly takes on a political tone when it is asked. You can be sure that many people will take how that question is asked as seriously as the candidate's position on school funding. Having it asked in this setting was a mistake.
Area Robbery Suspects May Be Linked To Pepper Crime
WLWT reports that David Pepper had no comment. I wonder if the doubters of Pepper's story have any less doubt. Since you can't beat a good conspiracy, I would guess they might hang on to it for a while.
Former Officers Sentenced For Restraining Local Man
They are off the force. As long as the FOP does not help them get back on the force the situation will be equitable for the city. The boycotters will cry for blood, but they will cry foul until they are installed as members of the Politburo of the “People’s Republic of Cincinnati.”

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Less Than Half Of Ohio Voters Expected To Go To Polls
More than half of voters are lazy sloth’s.
Cincinnati Hopes For More Financial Aid For Police Reforms
This smells similar to an unfunded mandate, which is two words.
CityBeat: ANSWER in the Streets
I hope the read will note, this article describes the antics of transnational progressives or progressive-populists. These are not "liberals."
Chris Anderson posts on the Hate email at Miami University and more.
Today Mike McConnell from 700WLW played Ken Blackwell's commercials, which aired on 1230 the Buzz. These commercials were just as I reported last week. Mike unleashed on Blackwell for race baiting, and has vowed to never vote for Black well again. The commericals were shinning examples of race baiting, something that Al Sharpton would be proud to call his own.

The tag line of one of the commercials read: "They are out to get Ken Blackwell."

Mike reached Norm Cumings from Blackwell's Campaign for a comment. The "they", according to Norm, is really the Democrats and Union leaders denying jobs to qualified blacks, not the “white man” out to get the “black man.” Norm must live on the merry-go-round with all of the spin coming out of his mouth.
Gun-Wielding Boy Chased Out Of Local School
WLWT reported in their 11:00 PM live newscast that many kids and parents were not happy with the response of school officials. I will take bets on how many times race is blamed as to why this was not taken more "seriously" by officials. I use quotes on seriously because they seem to think it did not get the attention it needed. What kind of attention does it need? The police were called, and no one was hurt. I guess the myth that crazed youth gunmen never cause incidents in urban schools, only in suburban and rural schools, is not going to be mentioned much in the media.
CityBeat: Editorial: Change Is in Your Hands Tuesday
The big cheese at City Beat, John Fox, recaps the important races. I agree with his stances. Vote for Siebenaler, yes on issues 2 and 7, and no on issue 8.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Rhodes blasts Pepper plan for tax credits
The real news from this column is the apparent cease-fire in the Cranley - Fox Feud. It was no Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s, but it was fun for a little while. Let's all sing now:

Oh, the city and suburbs can be friends
Oh, the city and suburbs can be friends
One town likes their SUV's
the other likes big School Levees,
but that no reason why they can't be friends.

Metro folks need to stick together.
Metro folks can all be friends.
City folk dance with soccer moms now.
Suburb folk dance with a wild cow.
The Cincinnati Boycott Fraud Website is no more. Indications are that Nate Livingston got the website taken down. Reports indicate that Ross Wright was behind that site, while Nate Livingston was behind the “Friends of Karen Dewine” site. Both sites were filled with personal attacks. The alleged Ross Wright created site included home addresses of many of the boycott organizers, while the alleged Nate Livingston created site included home addresses and social security numbers of local political figures and members of the media. Neither site was any good, except at making personal attacks. Wrights site was more factually based, while Nate’s was more rumor based.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Qui tact, consentire videtur. He who is silent is understood to consent.

This is the emblem for the "No Hate" website at Miami University. The Latin phrase was something I looked up. I tend to agree with what it means, but that conflicts with freedom. If I am not silent and say I will defend the rights of bigots to say bigoted things, am I considered wrong by the "No Hate" crowd? If I defend one person's freedom to hate the haters, then am not doing the same when I defend the hater’s right to hate?
Anti-Gay E-Mail Sent To Miami U. Student Organization
The email was not ruled a crime, but it warrants protest and a headline. I am farther from anti-gay than any straight man can be, but why does this get coverage, when many hate crimes against whites go unreported in the news media? They have not published the emails anywhere on the web, but based on the quotes from it, the level of hate is not much worse than some letters to the editor I've read.
Hate e-mail ruled not a crime
Two Local TV stations did a story, like this, on this incident. The email writer is obviously a bigot, but where were the Local TV stations when people were assaulted in OTR by large groups of blacks? Which crime was a hate crime? One was just not even a crime, but the local TV stations seem to avoid OTR like the plague. Granted, most people do the same thing, but it is their job to report the news, and they have not been doing it.
Atheists, humanists plan own march on Washington
A positive article on atheists, I am impressed. If I had the time and the money, I would be there.

Monday, October 28, 2002

Channel 9 all set for big changes in newscasts
They put all of this money into a new set, but they are going to be moving out of this facility in a few years. If they want to make a big change, why don't they fire the consultants and go back to reporting real news, not fluff.
BRONSON: I vote for the beige guy
Peter, you have no one to blame for Taft, but your fellow Republicans. If you want to elect a Paleo-conservative to the Governorship, then you have better start paying off a hell of a lot of voters. Your far right-wing agenda does not sell statewide in Ohio. Bush won Ohio on a moderate Republican message, and Clinton won Ohio on New Democrat (moderate) message. Your extremist ideas only sell well at CCV meetings where Phil eats it up like a monkey loose in a Chiquita warehouse.
New Image Of Pepper Abduction Suspect Released

Why wasn't this picture release earlier? If it was not completed before Sunday, then why was it not?
Also from WCPO:
Police: Woman Removed Shirt, Bra At Indiana Airport
Was she arrested because she took her shirt off, or was she arrested for being old and taking her shirt off?