Friday, August 09, 2002

CityBeat: Learning How to Struggle (2002-08-08)
Ok, am I living in Cincinnati, or I am living in some kind of neo-Russian Transitional Soviet Republic circa 1917? How can this reporter write this stuff with a straight face? Charging at windmills can be a noble endeavor, but when your alternative is nothing but either a totalitarian state or a neo-anarchistic collective of contradictorial Zapatistaism, you really don't have much credibility with anyone with more than a degree in "International Movements." Me and my degree in Finance from Mother Miami find this to be laughable. I even lived on Western Campus for a year, but these kids are just beyond the fringe. City Beat is beyond being liberal. I am a liberal. City Beat is Progressive Populist. I wish all of the conservatives could tell the difference, but like these Progpops, they paint with a wide brush.
CityBeat: Watching the Detectives (2002-08-08)

Another advocacy Column posing as a news article from City Beat. I voiced my opinion in the letter to Greg Flannery the writer below:


If Copwatch is so great and is so needed, then why has it taken them a year to produce one video, which they have not yet released? If the Police are just the racists they are made out to be, then why have they not produced dozens of video incidents? If they have not been able to obtain video of these incidents, then why not have a log of them on there website for the whole world to read. They could update it daily with new reports of police wrongdoing. I don't see that happening. I have visited their website several times and I have not seen it updated yet.

"Police brutality is going on and is being ignored," he says.

The he above is Islord Allah mention in your article. I have to ask, where's the beef? If they are documenting these incidents, why are they not posting each one on their website? If they want people to know what is going on, they have to tell them, and provide at least some basic facts. Generalities "reported" by biased "activists" are not going to win any support from the mainstream resident. I wish your "news" article would have had a few objective observations in it, instead of a PR piece for the group it appears you support.

Brian Griffin
CityBeat: Porkopolis (2002-08-08)
Flannery is beating on the City of Cincinnati for losing new development to Newport. I have to wonder how he thinks the boycott is helping Cincinnati attract new development? That would be the same boycott his newspaper promotes in every issue, he promotes in nearly every column he writes.
Browns ban plastic bottles of beer
This has nothing to do with Cincinnati; I just like rubbing it in the eye of the mistake by the lake. Flounder is crying in his milkshake over this I am sure. (Inside joke)
L&N Bridge fire was arson; paint hurt, but structure OK
I missed this story, I don't know if was even published before today. I would assume that the arson would somehow related to the people doing the construction work on the bridge. I wonder if they are looking into any nut cases who may have had a more political motive for setting the fire.

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Workers take Xerox to court for 'blacks in a noose' discrimination
More international media coverage, this time not good coverage. Cincinnati will not take full blame for this lawsuit, but indirectly it will be damaged.
Festival seating defended
If the experts ok it, then why should anyone else be shaking in the their shoes? The amount of hand wringing on some message boards I just wonder how many wild animalistic kids these people think are really going to buy up the $75 dollar floor seats to see the Boss. I can see where paranoid might grip parents if this were a Limp Biscuit concert, but the Boss is not going to get the moshing type crowd.
RADEL: Festival seating
I think Cliff has a streak of house-mom in him. "By requesting festival seating, Bruce Springsteen is trading his fans' safety for some cheap thrills." Is he kidding? How much can one man overstate the risk? Festival seating is not a safety issue, as long as crowd control is properly in place. I had hoped that the brain-dead 19th century stubborn and ignorant mindset had vanished, but not at the Enquirer. Next they are going to tell me that if I smoke a joint I will go insane. Oh the humanity.
Zee at Roadsassy seems a bit put off by the latest Xerox allegations. I see where Zee might be skeptical about the allegations, but I would be surprised that the WSJ would offer up this story without vetting it to the conservative bloodhounds.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

EEOC finds racial discrimination at Xerox's Cincinnati office
This shit is going to hit the fan from this report. I wonder how the right wing will treat this report coming from a GOP lead EEOC and the right leaning Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

BBC: Mini-Me to lead 'chicken dance'
It even made the BBC. We finally get some semi-good international news coverage. This story got the crowd size correct. I don’t know what the other UK site was thinking when it wrote that story.
Account contradicts Twitty
This sounds like a really big nail in Twitty's Coffin. His career appears to be on the way out, unless the race baiters have their way. If he gets off, then it will be because enough blacks screaming racism will cause it. This is really a messy situation. I just wish his support was not so much a race thing. That is a race thing for a large number of blacks in the community. They are only supporting him because he is black. It he was white, the black community would be happy to see him get fired and go to jail. Hypocrisy is the word that I can't get away from. This time there is little of it on the police's side, it all rests with the black activist crowd.
Mini-Me to lead world's largest chicken dance
WOW! International press for Oktoberfest. There is one big error in this report, when the writer states Verne will lead 500,000 in the chicken dance. There are 500,000 that visited the event over the two day period, not all at once.

Monday, August 05, 2002

Federal judge approves settlement for Cincinnati blacks claiming harassment
I hope this is a good step to help quell the boycott, but there will be a core of boycotters who will not stop until every white person is run out of town.
BRONSON: Critters worse than acid rain
When Peter gets skin cancer, I hope no one laughs at him.
'Mini-Me' will lead Oktoberfest chicken dance
I hope no one mistakes him for a couple of pickled pig's feet.

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Anti-pornography group targets Cincinnati hotels
Two issues on this story. One, this did not target hotels in Cincinnati. It targeted hotels in a suburb north of the 275 loop. Two, the story still did not talk about the legality of recording the adult films in the hotel room. I still question if that is legal.
Bruce Springsteen tour dates
The Boss is coming to Cincinnati in November. Will the boycotters strike again? Stay tuned right here for the latest. Same bat time, same bat channel.
BRONSON: Racial paranoia
A little be over dramatic, and he had to bash liberals, but other than that he makes a few good points.