Friday, October 05, 2012

COAST Loses, Again

In a fight to make false statements in a political campaign COAST lost its legal defensive action. COAST was trying to get the Ohio Election Commission to be blocked from enforcing Ohio law. COAST lost. So, yes, the anti-government COAST tried to get help from the Federal Government because they didn't like the State Government's laws. It is funny how COAST, and other conservatives, like State Governments having powers to, force religion on others, but chaffe when the Federal Government prevents them from doing so. This is irony at any angle.


  1. COAST is akin to a company that exists for the purpose of losing market share. Are they ever successful in any endeavor? Honestly?

  2. Completely shocked that the Enquirer and TV stations didn't mention a peep that their go to guys for an opinion are total liars.

  3. Finney has a reverse midas touch; everything that shyster touches turns to shit.

  4. & they're till going on about brownouts....


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